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Karnataka Agri-Business & Food Processing Policy 2015

Karnataka’s economy is an agrarian economy and as such the overall development of the State is mainly depending on the growth and development of agriculture and allied sectors. There has been significant increase in productivity and quality in the food production in the State over the last decade. There has also been change in the cropping pattern from conventional food crops to that of high value crops such as fruits, vegetables, flowers and plantation crops. Though this has raised the income levels, employment opportunity and the scope for agro based industry; there is still a considerable gap in the form of infrastructure and technology leading to glut, scarcity, fluctuation in prices, wastage and poor remunerative prices. The Government of Karnataka considers high growth of agriculture and allied sectors as a means to accelerate the State’s GDP growth, enable farmers to earn higher income and ensure food security. The State has rich  biodiversity and ten agro-climatic zones suited for the cultivation of variety of agriculture and horticulture crops and a long coastline that encourages fisheries sector. “Agribusiness and Food Processing” is the thrust area to achieve the goal of accelerating State’s GDP. In Karnataka, about 3% of the total agro and allied produce is processed currently. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India aims to achieve the food processing target of 25% by 2025 at the national level. In line with the national benchmark, the aims to achieve the target of 10% of agro processing by 2020 and 25% by 2025 in the State. This policy aims to develop agribusiness and agro processing as a vibrant sector for creating employment opportunities and increasing the farm returns to farmers by value addition.

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